Checking transmission or power steering fluid levels and changing differential or transfer oil

My daughter recently purchased a 2016 CX-5 with 95,000 miles in excellent condition. The maintenance records and CarFax report indicated the car was properly maintained and did not report anything that might suggest any unusual or non-standard use or care.

If my daughter does not (i) tow a trailer or use a car-top carrier, (ii) drive in dusty or sandy conditions, or (iii) idle or drive at low speeds for extended periods of time, but 65% of her miles driven are on trips of less than 10 miles, does she ever need to change the differential or transfer oil?

Is there a place in the engine compartment to check the transmission or power steering fluid levels?


2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport FWD Auto
Hi Joe!

There is no power steering fluid for the CX-5. It’s electric so no worries there.

The transmission has a little plastic dipstick on it that is secured with a small bolt. The level needs to be checked with the engine running and the fluid at operating temperature.

The transmission fluid is lifetime per Mazda, but can be drained and filled with new fluid if you wish. There is a drain plug on the transmission pan.

I can’t remember if the transfer case and rear differential are lifetime as well. If I remember correctly I think the manual says to change if submerged, but I’ll let others chime in there.
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