CD changer + Bass



I've just bought an '08 GT AWD with moonroof + Bose. I have two questions for you (US model)

1. I know if the CD changer says MP3 it can play MP3. This is damn confusing as would have you an MP3 player. Has anyone replaced with an MP3 changer? I've seen them being sold online for $400. Either that or I'll get an ipod.

2. The Bose' bass really sucks, I got it mainly because I want the moonroof. That said, has anyone added a sub? I don't need earth-shaking sub, just more bass. Would it fit under the third row? How difficult it is for DIY? I assume the Bose audio package (not RSES) comes with extra amp power to handle an extra sub, no?



1. It plays MP3 just fine. You can load 6 cds with MP3s and play them.
2. Sorry can't help you. I am okay with the sub, after adjusting the sound it is okay to me.


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The Bose + Bass works just fine for me too.
I have a Bazooka powered sub with a controller unit that I can sell to you for $100. Nothing will fit under the 3rd row. Your best bet for any sub is somewhere in the trunk area.


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I would check the setting on your radio. I think the Bose system sounds great. Do you have navi?
I have the Bose system with NAVi & RSES and I think the bass is kick'n for a stock system. This system has more bass than my A4 12 speaker system. If anything, the highs are a bit lacking. Of course this could be due to getting old :)

I used to be somewhat of an audiophile back about 10 years ago & eventually grew tired of tryng to get each car I owned to sound exactly the way I want.