2007~2015 Carplay retrofit - 2012 model year

For any folks out there with the older generation model who would like to have Carplay or Android Auto I figured I'd share my experience. I just installed a headunit I purchased from Crutchfield, a Boss BV800ACP. It allowed me to keep my back up camera, steering wheel controls etc... as well.

Since my CX-9 is a GT I had the Bose with navigation, but frankly the navigation was pretty useless without updates so I never used it. Anyway, Crutchfield sold the unit and all the other parts needed to make this retrofit work. I won't say it was a seamless install but with some tech help via the phone I got it done.

I am happy with the results and the fact that I now have Carplay available, it was worth the effort.


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Does it work with the OEM hands free microphone, or did you have to use one from the kit?


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I've been thinking of doing this for my 2012 CX-9, base model. I do have the backup camera that goes to the rearview mirror (it's so tiny of an image that it's useless). I would love to get a head unit that enabled CarPlay and allowed the backup camera feed to go to the headunit as well.
I worked with the Crutchfield folks to determine what was best for my setup and they figured out what I needed as a package. If you tell them what setup you have I'm sure they can work it out. The only thing I'd add is that when you get the package give the tech support a call to walk through the install, after you have the old unit out. There were some RCA connectors I had to work with that were not part of any write up.

I also had a power wire for the rear camera that was not connected properly, once I worked those things out with the tech support person all was well.

One other thing I'll mention on that head unit. Play with the settings for default volume to make them suitable for your needs. I thought I had a problem with the unit as each time I turned it on I had to re-adjust the volume, turns out the defaults were set to zero out of the box.
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Does it come with the harnesses to go with the mazda or did you get that separately through the supplier? Looks like a pretty good value unit
I purchased the package through Crutchfield. They put a package together for me when I told them the vehicle particulars. The kit came with the head unit, antenna adapter, back up camera adapter and the unit to allow all the other stock parts to connect. They offer a pre-wiring of the harness to make it 'plug and play'. However, read on about that.

When you hook it up there's a bit more to it than what would appear to be the case. At least with my Bose setup and back up camera there were a few wrinkles. I got their tech support on the line and we worked it out but you do need a bit of understanding of how to work with vehicle wiring.

When all was said and done it was good to go. NOTE: read the manual for the head unit with regard to default volume settings for all the inputs as they default to zero. This would make you think you got something wrong, but it's not hard to figure out how to set the defaults to a reasonable value.

I'd say it a 3 out of 5 on the difficulty scale, but with support it's more like a 2.
Awesome. Thanks for your reply. Really informative certainly interested in looking into this type of set up. Just wanted to make sure it did keep the factory camera rather than needing to wire an aftermarket one!
Awesome. Thanks for your reply. Really informative certainly interested in looking into this type of set up. Just wanted to make sure it did keep the factory camera rather than needing to wire an aftermarket one!
Glad to help. When you buy the kit the head unit comes with a few harnesses to enable the various OEM features you want to retain. Just FYI Crutchfield has a head unit that comes with it's own backup camera, you don't want that. You want the head unit that supports the existing camera (Boss BV800ACP) and this harness, Axxess AX-MAZCAM-6V Backup Camera Harness.

Just chat with them on line and they'll fix you up once you tell them the setup you have.


Hi, I recently bought and returned a Sony XAV-AX8100 from crutchfield. Only reason i returned is after all plugging in a couple of phone calls from tech support we could not get the backup camera to show and I'm not getting any sound/mic when using carplay or android auto when making a phone call.

My question to you is how were you able to get the backup camera to run, when i read on this forums of having problems with the harness and or tweaking the wiring, which i am not very incline of doing without having a visual of what i am doing. Thanks!
I cannot recall exactly what the fix was but there was a wire that was not properly connected on the pre-wired harness. I was in the middle of the install when we figured it out with the on-line support so I was not in a position to take notes or pictures. At the end it was a simple connection that had to be made as there was already a butt connector on the provided harness for the wire to attach to.

With regard to the mic, I used to the one that came with the BOSS unit and placed it under my steering wheel to cut down as much on the ambient noise as possible.