Carplay/ AA on your CX-3?

2019 cx-5 signature. 2019 cx-3 awd touring
Hey guys,
i picked up a 2019 cx-3 touring.
Wondering if they will offer Carplay for free on these models?
i know they do for the 2018 mazda6 touring and above...
crossing fingers.

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I talked with my dealer when purchasing my 2019 Grand Touring last week. It's being rolled out slowly to the CX-3 for 2019. When it becomes available, it will be a software update as well as a new USB module you'll have to purchase from the dealer.
2019 cx-5 signature. 2019 cx-3 awd touring
Thanks but I was really hoping it would be a free upgrade. It is for the Mazda 6
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I had this installed in my 2016 CX-3 yesterday. I've just been playing with it a little but I already LOVE IT!! The $500+ price tag was a little steep.

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