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My CX5 came with a Cargo Shelf as an accessory. Still in the factory package unopened. Mazda charged me the full #325 list. I will sell for $125. There isn't a picture in the Mazda accessories but, maybe on GOOGLE?
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You can take your own pic and post it, you know?
Easy now, not everybody can.

Mr @erhayes , does it look something like this:
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I like idea, but IIRC, it required various drilling an taping. I'm guessing it's not too hard to remove, but I need to access more of my trunk too often that this just seems, for me, more form than function, YMMV

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does it have a storage compartment with a lid that opens or is it just the shelve ? I might be interested . PM me .


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For decades in various vehicles I've found stacking collapsible crates provide a low cost, no hassle, flexible solution in lieu of shelfs and the like. There are a number of different kinds on the market. The pictured ones below happen to fit tightly against the the lips of the Weathertech floor liner and stacked two-high still leave a good percentage of visibility out the rear window.


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