Car died... LOTS of AFTERMARKET, hard to find 3rd gen Protege parts. BOOKMARK

What I didn't sell when into the shell of a car that was towed away 2 weeks ago. Thanks for your interest and all of your help :)

Hey all, I decided to part out my car: moving on, I know... :( I'm selling all of the parts from my car. I've got plenty and I'll be posting more and more here... so if interested... look at my sig and once I repost here, I'll bump below. Read: BOOKMARK THIS PAGE :)

Here's how I work things out: Prices below do not include shipping, unless indicated. Read: You will need to pay actual shipping cost to you + cost of the item.

I will mark each item Available, Paid for, & Shipped as things change. If you are the first to post here/PM me you will have the first crack at the item. If you offer a lower price than I have listed, other people can offer what I'm asking and take your spot, but I'll still give you a change to get it at my price. I'm helping fund a used car purchase from selling this stuff off.

Items for sale:

1. SHIPPED - Split Second AFC (SSACF) "PSC1-020E" V2 (with data logging)
Will work with any FS 2.0L protege engine. I used this in my car and tuned for WOT speed w/ a WB02 sensor that I've already sold. Nope, I don't have a serial/USB adaptor (they are inexpensive).
2. SHIPPED - MSP Pedals
Genuine "MazdaSpeed" Aluminum pedal covers. Take your off and put these on (the gas pedal needs 2 holes drilled or I can ship the pedal assembly, you choose... you pay for shipping)
3. Shipped - Retrofitted Protege 5 headlights w/ Bi-xenon 5k 3" HIDs + Yellow halogen High Beams and an LED strip on the lateral/outside bottom sections for turn signals. (would be higher $, except for the lenses)
4. SHIPPED - 1.8L FS Valve Cover + Coils & Mounting Bracket + Plug Wires
I didn't have these long, but I didn't have to worry anymore about my coils overheating. Why didn't Mazda keep this setup? Yes, these have been uninstalled...
5. SHIPPED - StreetUn*t Dave B replica Gauge Rings. Brushed look
They never fell off and I drove my car hard on and off-road. The right-side one could have been machined down a bit more, like there were still some slightly noticeable machine marks.
6. SHIPPED Mazdaspeed Protege White Gauges (2003 version) w/ 231k on the odometer
Looks pretty good, right ;)
7. SHIPPED - JDM Tail Light w/ a purpose-build harness and all of the light-wells with bulbs installed.
No marks on them. You even get an extra passenger one if you want... (extra lens not yet pictured) I had to get another set once when I backed into a pole on the driver side. This is one of the classiest upgrades that you can put on the back of your protege imho
8. SOLD 2006-2010 Miata 10-spoke 5-lug rims w/ Michelin Pro Pilot Sport 215/45/17 Tires w/ 6/32-7/32 tread.(pickup local - delivery up to 100miles away drive from 97123)
9. SHIPPED - Mazda Protege MP3 Steering Rack
Has 80k, pulled from an MP3 with rear damage at a junk yard, never installed.
10. SHIPPED - MazdaSpeed/Pro5/ES Tweeter Panels
Get some treble in your cabin! They come with wiring... more than just the little plug. Worked great for me.
11. SHIPPED - Genuine MSP 03.5 SHift Knob
Again, best shift knob that came in a Protege... It's in such great shape!!! The leather is tight, it's got a great weight to it. For $10 More I'll throw in the leather shift boot w/ red stitching
12. SHIPPED - Medevil Passenger Side Motor Mount
This thing is super sturdy. Never had any problems... It worked great, minimal vibration with my AWR front MM and Corksport transmission MM inserts (Also for sale, not pictured yet) - You have have the entire set for $100 shipped
13. SHIPPED - 626/Protege Intermittent Windshield Washer stalk
This was key for life in the PNW. Maybe you could use it too?
14. SHIPPED - CR3 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Brace.
I never had a chance to install this... but it's WAY beefier than the stock one (or lack of one in the 1.6L). If you care about your suspension stiffness.. you need this. Modeled after a piece from AutoEX in Japan. Comes with fresh coating and stainless hardware. Quality work here... Search for the theMAN 's threads if you want more info.
15. SHIPPED - 10mm 5lug Wheel Spacers
Purpose cut for Mazda wheels/hubs... These fit on tight and don't need extended studs.
16. SOLD LOCALLY - Yakima Roof Rack for Protege Sedan (2 bike racks + 2 wheel holders + front end fairing)
This has been one of the greatest additions to my protege... so functional. Comes with locks for the q-towers and the bike racks. The Bike racks were obnoxious orange, so I sprayed them red. Some paint is chipping.
17. SOLD - MSP Engine Cover + Valve Cover
Worked great for me. It's a nice dress-up piece.

18. $5 - AVAILABLE - Protege sedan rear speaker covers

19. SHIPPED - AEM SRI/CAI w/ MAF + Filter + AEM Air Bypass Valve
(for those of us in water-logged areas... gives you some piece of mind if you go through some water)
20. SHIPPED - MAZDA Protege Black Floormats
Used for the last few years. I didn't have any problems. They are in great shape, just need to be cleaned up.
21. SHIPPED - MSP OEM Midpipe
w/ cats, spring bolts, no sensor, great threads on the bolts/nuts.
22. SHIPPED - MSP/Pro5/MP3 Front Strut Brace (Silver) w/ mounting brackets
This baby stiffened my front end up... I used it w/ cruise-control w/ no problems.

23. AVAIALABLE - Ebay MX-5 Rear strutbar (chrome)
I went for the install, cut into my subframe, then never got the bar in there... oh well... It would have been awesome! No loss to trunk space in a sedan.

24. SOLD - Protege Scissor jack set
Get jacked? The black plastic jack cover is available too!
25. PARTED - SHIPPED - RARE... Protege 2.0l/1.8L Aluminum Pulley Set (minus the alternator pulley... but does that really do anything... so small)
26. SHIPPED - MazdaSpeed3 Aluminum Billet Oil Cap (Red)
Get some zoom-zoom!
27. SHIPPED - 2.0L Manual Transmission w/ Mazdaspeed LSD, ARP studs holding the LSD to the ring gear, upgraded 5th gear
28. SHIPPED - ACT Street Pressure Plate and Clutch w/ not a lot of wear.
Not sure the number of miles on them, but the the surface is in great condition.
29. SHIPPED - MSP lightened flywheel
Still mounted on engine, will remove if you want it.

30. $30 - AVAILABLE - MSP Tokico Blue Shocks
(1 set of rears. Rear: You get the MSP rears (lower perch height)

31. SOLD - MSP/Racing Beat Springs
32. SHIPPED - MaxSpeed Lowering Springs
Rebadged H&R Springs: Progressive Rate, I only used the rear end ones... very comfy this way, no wheel gap w/ my 215/45/17's, also not bottoming out.

33. $75 - AVAILABLE - MSP 03.5 Oval Tip Axleback Muffler.
One of the studs broke off, the other is still there, but I haven't disconnected it yet form the resonator pipe yet... get a couple of studs and a quick weld job at a muffler shop ~$35 and you are set! Sounds just right and looks really good too.

35. SHIPPED - Protege Rear Cargo Net
3 fasteners - 2 top ones + one bottom one. The top ones were the only ones I really ever used.
36. SHIPPED - Protege5 Black Leather Steering Wheel + Airbag
(so comfy and in great shape! Has Cruise Controls and an very nice looking air bag) $20/each if sepparate
37. SHIPPED - Pioneer Z140bh - Flagship Nav Unit in 2012 - All original parts included, wired for the Protege w/ 2 din install kit.

38. $15 - AVAILABLE - MSP/MP3/Pro5 Radio Surround

39. SOLD - Custom Modded USB power in the cup holder area.
40. SOLD - MSP front Bumper

41. $125 - AVAILABLE - Catz Fog lights w/ 3k HIDs, ballasts, and HD harness.
This is a vast upgrade from stock in light output. You get everything pictured. I was going to save them, but I decided to sell and get something new later if I want some nice fogs. These are glass lenses w/ a fog pattern. They are amazing for driving in the dark, in snow, rallying around, etc. I fabricated metal brackets (painted black w/ rustoleum flat black paint) that fit the stock bumper holes and include the bolts. These fit the MSP/Pro5/MP3. They have 35w HID ballasts as well as fog light covers. (I started to sand them down so I could paint them black). There is one small rock pinhole on one lens. Some clear vinyl would be wise to cover it with. One of my favorite mods... I had halogen bulbs that were bright, but kept burning out and burning a hole in my wallet. These should last a long time.
The beam pattern is wide and the level... not much going into people's eyes.

42. $10 shipped each ($20 for all 3) - AVAILABLE - Fog light switch, switch blank, quarter holder.

43. $10 shipped - AVAILABLE - Protege Key FOB/Clicker. I don't need it anymore :)
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01 LX --> MP3 w/ better suspension!
Package Deals:

1. MSP Brake Kit - SHIPPED
3. SHIPPED - N/A MP3 Performace Package -
4. MSP Turbo Kit - SHIPPED

Left Overs: AVAILABLE Please PM/post with your needs/Q's
MSP Fuel rail + Stock Injectors
MSP-Mounted Intercooler (SMIC)
MSP Radiator (stock Protege/Protege5 radiator is too big to fit the SMIC in)
OEM Sedan/Pro5 A/C condensor
OEM Protege/MP3/PRO5 Radiator (no probs, works for auto or manual)
Driver's side doors
interior trim, carpet, rear seats (Black)
Interior door pieces (all 4 doors)
Interior door switchs - front window switches, 2x door unlock switches... mod you pass. side for lock/unlock like I did :)
Sedan/Pro5 AC Parts
01-03 Fenders (no problems)
01-03 Sunroof
Suspension Top Hats (tops of the struts)
L & R White Power Side Mirrors
Rear view mirror
Sun visors (L & R)
Front License Plate Bracket
Misc Screws/Bolts/Nuts
Wiring for amp in the trunk (0 gauge, inline fuse, red + trunk mounted grounding wire, black)
Kenwood 4x100watt amp (I don't have the model # this second)
10" Kenwood Amp + Alpine Sub Amp (Type D?)
3-4 sets of RCA's from head unit to the rear
Manual Tranny Starter (230k)
New Battery - 84month, bought in April, never been through anything below 40 degrees
OEM protege steering rack
Rear Towing hitch, pull 4 wire U-Haul wiring + stinger/receiver & ball for 99-03 Sedan proteges (won't work w/ rear lip unless you cut the lip or take it off)

5. MSP/MP3 Speakers - Rear - Kenwood SOLD
6. 3rd Gen Cabin Filter Airbox Kit (minus one piece)- Picked Up!

Misc Other Items:
1. $50+shipping - AVAILABLE - 4-Pot Brake Calipers from early 90's turbo FC RX-7[/SIZE]
I could have made a sweet BBK, but I never went for it. Instructions:
Comes with what you see below:

2. SHIPPED - Leather Mazda6 Steering wheel w/ airbag & clockspring + PAC SWI-PS steering wheel electronics adaptor SOLD
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01 LX --> MP3 w/ better suspension!
Reserved for something later... ;)
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'03 Mazda Protege LX
Question about the tweeter panels, do you also need wiring or is it already there ready to use?


01 LX --> MP3 w/ better suspension!
Question about the tweeter panels, do you also need wiring or is it already there ready to use?

All of the wiring is there, you just need to attach it. You will likely need some sort of wire crimps.


'03 Mazda Protege LX
All of the wiring is there, you just need to attach it. You will likely need some sort of wire crimps.

Is it possible to reserve them? Looking through your photos there are some other parts I'm interested in, and it would be easier to send them all at once. All depends on what you ask for some of these other parts though.


01 LX --> MP3 w/ better suspension!
Is it possible to reserve them? Looking through your photos there are some other parts I'm interested in, and it would be easier to send them all at once. All depends on what you ask for some of these other parts though.

PMd about CR3 brace for rear suspension

Assuming no one get's the lone passenger mount, I'll take it. PM me for payment info if so.
There's another person ahead of you... if they are out, you are in.

interested in entire set of motor mounts.
You're in the third spot...


01 LX --> MP3 w/ better suspension!
Is the gauges the whole cluster or just the gauge faces? I'll take the whole cluster shipped to 29223.

You can have the cluster or the faces or both... which do you want? They are for sale sep. OR together...