Cabin noise reduced in 2020s?

18 Mazda CX5 AW
Yes, acoustic glass is used on windshield and front windows since 2017 gen-2 CX-5 on all trims.
So why is the 2018 GT still sound like wind tunnel when up to highway speed? Tire noise and engine noise appears ok compared to the wind noise. Are the Mazda windows thinner than other brands? I was gonna add floor soundproof but don't think it will accomplish much as most of the noise appears to be coming from the sides. Or is it the door sills? And what's with the heater/ac fan being so loud on middle/high settings? Only had the cx5 for over month and it's great but the noise worse than my old Ford SUV. Any suggestions?
Mazda Protege 2000
Sorry guys the 2021 cx-5 loaner I had was just as the same noise level as my 2016 GT. I really don't understand this wind noice everyone talks about with the Mazdas. I had a 2015 Mazda 6 before and they all sound the same. My moms Toyota RAV4 2001 was a lot louder especially on the highway and the 2012 Camry SE I use to have.