For Sale Bridgestone Blizzak 225/65/16 snow tires on CX5/Mazda 6 rims (NJ)

Selling a set of Mazda OEM Rims with Bridgestone Blizzak Snow/Mud tires. Sold my CX-5, don't need these any more. Located in Northern NJ.

RIMS: 17x7jj. ET60. 5 x 4.5" (5 x 114.5) Great condition, some very light curb rash but no dings, damaged beads, or anything that would inhibit safety or performance. These are actually from a Mazda 6 but are virtually identical the CX-5 rims except a 5mm offset difference. They function perfectly on a CX-5, which is how I used them.

TIRES: 225/65R17 WS-80 Blizzaks (I actually had these on my CX-5 and ran them perfectly last winter). Approximately 4000 miles on the tires. Tires are similarly in excellent condition - no bubbles, no damage, never had a repair or plug. Maintained perfect PSI through the entire storage season. All they need is a little tire shine to clean them up. No dry rot.

Tires were originally $397 online. Wheels were $440. Plus another $60 to have them mounted - paid over $900 in total after tax. Looking to sell the set for $450 cash with local pickup in Teaneck, NJ.

Will not separate tires from rims at this point.


Rim close up:

Tread depth:

Tons of space till the wear bars:
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Not sure if this will fit my 2019 touring, same tire size - just concerned about the alloys. Though I may pass, the alloys are a bit...vanilla...for all that cake.
2016 Mazda CX-5 Touring
I'm in central Jersey and may be interested. I take it that they don't have the TPMS sensor.

Also, I have a set of the same tires without the rims, so is it possible to trade the tires for your setup. They too, were only on for a season. See pics. Let me know if that's possible. I'm trying to figure out if I should go this route, or buy rims at TireRack.



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