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Started this thread to detail msp life in 2020. Bought car from a Tampa dealer 5/2003. Its been a great car and has only seen the dealer for clunk bushings and the flash. I put 36,000 miles on it in year 1. Bought the car for my long commute at the time. Now it rarely sees more than 5,000 a year. Odometer sitting at 152,500.

My only real issue has been an ongoing ground issue that causes my gauge cluster to not work at times. First began when it was below 0 degrees but it started doing it in the summer too. Its a pain, I have not found the fix yet but I know the car so well that I can drive around it.

Of course it has some other small issues like door actuators, bad abs wheel sensor and it could use a new caliper as it was hard to get the new pads in. Suspect its the one with the bad abs sensor.

But it runs great and is still fun to drive. So I will keep it maintained and enjoy it for a few more years.

Today was an adventure. Got around to installing my new ATP wastegate actuator. Was able to get clip off without losing it.Didn't lose it until I went to put it back on. R&R it without removing the manifold/turbo. Will get a new clip but the new wga is coming back off so I can adjust it to lower the boost and drill a larger hole in the bracket. Of course after adjusting the ATP rod length to the same as the OEM it would not fit thru the bracket.

Also installed a new turbo oil return oring and flange. Had them on hand and mine was leaking.

Found the oil cooler 29mm nut to be loose. So I tightened it up. Will change the oring another day along with the oil sending unit and knock sensor.

After I get the boost back down to 7 psi I will install a fresh set of plugs. Not using the usual V powers going back to the oem laser platinums. A PV 1047 pcv and fresh Valvoline HM 10W40 going in too.

For now I am glad the whistle is gone along with the overboost fuel cut from the oem wga finally crapping out after all this time.
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Pulled of the WGA today. Needed to lengthen the rod to lower the boost. Measured the center of the eye and went from 5 and 5/8" to 5 and 7/8" which does not seem like much but that meant 3 full rotations plus on threaded eye adjuster.

That seemed to do it as I was just able using extra long needle nose pliers to pull the eye on to the arm. The first drive was nice. Car pulls and holds just like it should.

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