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Blown head gasket for CX-5 Diesel

Hi all and (@Posu )

I have an update on this . So I spent like £4000 repairing this car with a cracked cylinder head and head gasket blown

The local dealer have refused to refunbd

The UK Ombudsman sided with the Local Dealer so I have to take this on the chin

I am just waiting for the day Mazda admit to their dodgy Mazda/Fordy engines then I can sue the UK Ombdusman and Mazda

But yeah I lost in the end
For the benefit of others with same issue. 2014 CX5 diesel. 135,000 km. Engine warning light on, short drive to mechanics. Low power (acceleration). Car had entered ‘limp’ mode to protect itself. Coolant had sprayed over engine. My mechanic looked over it and advised combustion gasses entering coolant system, = blown head gasket.

Towed to Mazda dealership. They reached same conclusion, Mazda Australia head office approved and paid for engine replacement.

Full mazda dealer service history.
@CX5inAus that mon ami is the difference between "close our borders fast to shut out Covid" Australia and Brexit Britain ... Mazda UK is a completely different beast backed up the Ombudsman (regulator) ... I'm just waiting for the lawsuit

I heard a rumour the Mazda diesels are actually Ford engines in the UK ... but I don't want to be sued after forking out like 4 grand