Blind Spot Mirror Recommendations Requested

2020 CX5 Signature
Looking for recommendations for a small, stick-on blind spot mirror for my 2020 CX-5 Signature.

I find that when accelerating on the on-ramp to merge onto the freeway, the nearest lane is too far away for the car's detection system to tell me if there is a car in the far-left blind spot and my old neck doesn't turn as well as it used to. I have to pull myself forward using the steering wheel to see further back in the left side mirror.

Lots of different styles and shapes available on Amazon and would like to know what style/shape other folks may have selected for their left-side mirror and if they are satisfied with it. I don't believe I want one of the "adjustable" mirrors; it seems like they fall off their mounts frequently. I think I prefer a mirror with a flat back that will stick flat to the mirror.

Also, while my previous car had the small mirror stuck in the lower outside of the glass, I'm wondering if due to the construction of the Mazda mirror, if any particular location on the mirror is better than others.
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Southwest Ohio
'19 CX-5 diesel
I use the little round adjustable stick on type available from any auto parts store, walmart, etc. for a few bucks. Work great, no issues with them falling off or getting loose. Mounted on lower inside corners L & R

Occasionally I have to readjust them if i get a little too energetic with the wash Mitt or most anytime I take it through the car wash. Easy enough though.


I like them on that lower inside corner position because they don't block anything much important there.

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