Best tires for the 2 these days?


2013 Mazda 2 Touring
So our 2013 is due for new tires soon...the factory Yokos made it to 45k, but it would be stupid to try to get through another winter with them. When we had our 2011, I put a set of Michelin Premier A/S's on it, moving to a 195-series tire since they don't make them in 185/55-15. They were great tires, but I didn't like how they affected the handling because they were a little bigger.

Anyone replace their tires recently? I don't think I want to put another set of S34s on, since they're not that great in snow. I don't have room to store a second set of wheels/tires...but I do have a potentially stupid idea. Michelin sells the X-Ice Xi3's in 185/55-15 (literally the only tire they sell in that size, strange) and I know you're not supposed to use snow tires year-round, but the Tire Rack reviews indicate they offer good treadwear. Blizzaks come in the same size too, for a similar price. Given that seemingly all of the all-season tires in the original size are pretty underwhelming, maybe we just leave winter tires on all the time?
2011 Mazda 2 GS
You'll get that "oily" squirmy feeling with winters on during warmer months. And they'll be loud, but other than that, there's really no reason not to run them (other than they'll turn down to nothing real quick).

That being said, I won't be of much help here, I run dedicated summer/winter sets.


Best tires for the 2 these days

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