Battery size 24F fits fine (Mazda5)!

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The van is spec'd to take a group size 35, same as my CX-5. You can go bigger though, to a 24F if you want a tad bit more "oomph" like if you have a stereo or whatever. The 24F pops right in without any modifications at all. That will get you an extra 100 CCA, give or take.


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2008 Mazda5 GT
Another option that fits, Group 34 (med-big battery so tight fit and need slight mod to bracket). Costco carries Interstate @ $85 (a few years ago but prices likely increased), and IIRC, 800CCA (need to confirm).
Thanks for this valuable info!
I was looking into replacing a 3-year-old battery that is now getting complaints about maxing out (stereo, dash cameras, obd). And I tend to believe that some of the intermittent generic PCM codes I was experiencing could be related to the battery dying due to so much extra load.