Battery replacement under warranty: Can I self-install?

If I get a Mazda-installed battery (not original) replaced under warranty, do I have to schedule a service appointment or can I just bring in the battery and swap it for a new one? Mazda warranty info on website says "If Mazda Dealer installed, coverage is as follows"... I want a new battery but I don't want to wait 4+ hrs for them to get to my car at the dealership when I could do it myself.
I was at the dealer yesterday for a replacement of the infotainment screen and was given the upsell for several things I didn't need, but one caught my attention: service said my battery was dead and that the car, still in the back, would not start. That was interesting because a) no slow starts recently, b) it sat on their lot for 2 hrs and they had no problem starting it and moving it into the repair bay. It became clear that the guy was looking at my service record and said my battery hadn't been replaced since purchase in 2017. He didn't know that his records were incomplete because we had the car in another state and a Mazda dealership there replaced the battery 2 years ago. Upon checkout I noticed that the invoice indicated the battery was "good" so I went back to him. Told him I have service records at home which I'll bring in, and if the invoice says "good battery" when I come back they won't want to replace my battery. He wound up handwriting "Battery does not meet standards" and initialling it, but his face told a very different story. I think the battery might be on the weak side by now, but he clearly exaggerated or lied about the condition in order to sell me a battery on the spot (as well as about 3 other items). Do I have to let them install the new battery in order to get a free replacement? I may pass on the replacement battery and break the dealer cycle if so. Oh, and when I declined to pay for a new battery, they pulled up my "dead" car immediately. No problems since then.
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
I think you're dealing with crooks. Drive to an auto parts store that will give you a free battery test. It'll likely test good. Even phone your local Walmart tire department and ask if they will test your battery for free.

Dealer service personel are paid to sell. The service writers are paid on commission of the service & parts they sell you. The technicians are paid by the job. So, the more they can gouge out of you the more they make.
Typical dealership scum. Avoid all dealers except for warranty work. Like PTguy said, you are absolutely being taken advantage of by the service writer. Go DIY and just replace it with a Costco battery for less than $100 or go to a local auto parts to have it tested and buy the battery there are they will install for free. You will pay significantly more for the battery there though. If you are looking for a free replacement under warranty, then a Mazda dealer will require that they test it themselves, but you can know yourself by going to a parts store for a free test beforehand and decide if you want to go that route if weak or bad.
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