Battery disconnect-reconnect to do list


2007 CX-9 GT AWD
Here is the list you have to do after a battery disconnect-reconnect:

1.) Set radio station presets,
2.) Set region in navigation,
3.) Time (1hour) setting (with Navigation only)
4.) Set Navigation screen distance units (km/mile),
5.) Initialize power window auto open-closing,
6.) Set power window two-step down function,
7.) Reinitialize rain sensor wiper,
8.) Set power seat memories.

Additional items, if your CX-9 is equipped with power liftgate and moonroof:
9.) Liftgate reset, if the battery was disconnected with the liftgate open.
10.) Power moonroof may not operate properly,

I am not suggesting it was a lot of work for me, but was under the impression the service technican would do all of the above after battery reconnect.


2007 CX-9 GT AWD
ericvic said:
I did all the rest but I didn't know about this one. How to you reinitialize the rain sensor?



Here is the description from the workshop manual.

Rain Sensor Reinitialization Setting

CAUTION: If the initialization is performed with water or dirt on the windshield, the rain sensor may not operate normally. Before performing the rain sensor initialization again, remove waret and dirt from the windshield.

  • When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position after replacing the rain sensor with a new one, the windshield condition is verified and the initial setting is stored
  • Perform the initial setting again in the following cases:
    • The windshield is replaced and the rain sensor is reused
    • The auto wiper system operates incorrectly (in my case in AUTO mode always performed a slow clycle when I turned the ignition switch to ON position, and didn't adjust the speed correctly to actual rain conditions.)
  1. Remove water and dirt from the windshield surface
  2. Turn the ignition switch OFF
  3. Turn the windshield wiper switch to AUTO position
  4. Within 10 s after turning the ignition switch to the ON position, turn the windshield wiper switch from AUTO to OFF position for five times and return it to the AUTO position.
CAUTION: If the operation is too fast, the windshield wiper switch position cannot be detected and the initial setting may not be performed. Operate the windshield wiper switch for one cycle (AUTO->OFF->AUTO) per 1 s.

NOTE: When the initial setting is performed correctly, the windshield wiper operates once at low speed.

Good luck,



Thanks I will have to go do that now since I had removed my battery cable to install my autodim/homelink mirror.



2007 CX-9 GT AWD
One more thing...

Disconnecting the battery may cause the DSC indicator light to become inoperable. The DSC OFF indicator light flashes and the TSC/DSC indicator light is illuminated

a.) Start the vehicle with the KEY
b.) Turn the steering wheel completely to the right and then completely to the left
c.) Verify the DSC OFF indicator light turns off
d.) Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and then turn it to the ON position again
e.) Verify that the TSC/DSC indicator light turns off