Audio display, trip computer and navigation


I have the 08 CX-9 Touring with assistance, sun and sound packages and I have noticed when you turn on the sound system listing to MP3 it displays the Album and folder info in the upper display together with climate control info but after a few seconds it switchs over to show the track time and number.

So is there a way to show the track text etc in the upper display all the time or is it only possible to see it through the navigation lcd?

2. I have been reading that on different Mazda models some people found a way to display the MPG, miles to empty tank etc by pushing some on the audio bottoms. Have you heard of a way to do this on the CX-9?

3. Have you guys heard of any hidden/secret menues on the navigation system where you fx can override the lock while driving, change lock to auto lock etc... I know you can do this on Lexus and Infinity.

4. I have seen some being able to change the welcome greeting on other Mazda models to show Zoom Zoom or what you desire when the car starts. Is it possible on the CX-9?

Thanks for a great forum and all the info you guys share out here.

I hope we will be able to figure out some of the above, if possible.


2006 MazdaSpeed6
(1) Nav LCD only.
(2) Nope. There is a rather inexpensive aftermarket alternative
(3) Nothing yet, but I'm sure there's something out there. Need to find out which company made the CX-9 Nav's.
(4) Again, not yet, but I'm sure it would be possible once someone figures it out.

This car is so new in the market. Heck, right now, you cannot even get some basic accessories for this vehicle, such as side steps, cargo cover, etc. These items you're requesting will take some time.


I've been looking for the same stuff.. The Scangauge is cool...but would be nice to have it included in a $40k car. My Aunt's Saturn has it....

I'm looking for the same things, but primarily a way to override the Nav lockout while moving. Ridiculous that the passenger cannot operate the Nav system while the car is moving. I really want to find out a way to override this. We do road trips all the time and my wife has gotten very proficient at it in our just-turned-in Audi.

Also, the Nav screen itself seems pretty dim and not real sharp.

And I echo the sentiment about not having a real trip computer.

Love the rest of the car, though.