Are you buying Apple Car Play/Android Auto?


AA and ACP is now available for those vehicles who have the MazdaConnect system.

One of the things, the only thing actually that interests me is Google Maps. I know with Google Maps, you can download offline maps so you're not chewing up your data while you're roaming.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to commit and verify that this functionality works with Google Maps in ACP. People say that CP just mirrors your phone's screen, but that's not entirely true. There's not many apps that actually work with CP. Here is the list:

So what is everyone's thoughts? Are going to buy AA/ACP?
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Got the dealer to guarantee me dealer cost on install and want it primarily for maps/navigation (and secondarily, music), so yes, I'll be getting it (likely at the same time I go in for winter tire package).


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I won't be getting AA/ACP, because I get by just fine with a cellphone mount and Bluetooth connectivity. Of course, I might change my mind if the right app or new AA feature comes along.
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i'm going to say no, the pricing was a bit too high. I think if it was around $300.00 would definitely get it.
I'm going to probably upgrade to the cx5 anyways, family duty and get CP standard.


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I've had the OEM dealer AA/ACP for the last 3 weeks and it is awesome. Voice commands for map directions, music and waze - live traffic.
USB hub/cables $250. CDN and $160 for install.
It is ABSOLUTELY worth it. You really dont have to use the horrendous MazdaConnect unit much after you install it unless you still listen to radio.
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Yes. Getting it installed at the dealer for $400.
It is possible to buy the kit for $160 (e.g. Med center Mazda) and install yourself or get a professional installation for less, I believe.

My wife will be using it with Android Auto. AFAIK, Google Maps for iOS also has the offline maps feature. I definitely have an offline map of my area, though I do use data to get traffic information, which is crucial for me. Some voice commands / searches will not work without data as well.

Both current versions of Apple and Google have the car infotainment just render the display, which means any compatible app will have all its latest features, installed on the phone, available on your infotainment. Why some apps are compatible and some apps are not is another matter. They need to operate in a different spec, such that they are safe to operate in a vehicle.
2018 3 Sport GT MANUAL
Getting it this weekend (along with roof rack and snow tire package)! Negotiated dealer cost + labour as a condition of sale so $364 CDN + tax :)