Apple CarPlay Issues...Anyone else experience this? 2021 CX-5

Have had a weird issue arise wondering if anyone else has. When driving my 2021 CX-5 GTR sometimes my Apple CarPlay will lose audio and switch to coming out my phone. The CarPlay screen is still up and I can still move through the menus and apps but it loses audio. This only happens to music and YouTube. Not phone calls. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for fixing? I had the dealer update the system and it still persists. Got a new usb cable as well.


ZoomZoom CX-5
‘19 CX-5 GTR
Haven’t experienced your specific issue but you may want to try the following;

Mazda CX-5 Infotainment Soft Reset:
Soft reset: NAV+MUTE for 10 secs
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Tried all these things to no avail previously.

It's funny I actually figured out what it was though. Anytime my Dexcom (Diabetic blood sugar app) sends me a notification is when it cuts to the phone audio.
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