Apple CarPlay HU + USB port in center console?

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I have a 2014 Mazda 6 Touring and want to replace the infotainment system with an aftermarket Apple CarPlay HU. It seems all of them only have the USB cable to connect a phone on the back of the unit - I assume there's a way to connect that to the USB cable that is in the center console, since that is already connected to the infotainment system.

However, the USB there charges SO slowly - is there a way to upgrade/replace the USB in the center console so I can both plug my phone in and give it enough amps to charge?
PAC USB-MZ1 OEM USB Port Retention Cable

This cable will provide functionality to the USB port BUT it will not work with Android Auto nor CarPlay. Charging speed may be very slow.

From what I have read, the cable from HU area run to Bluetooth module and then run to center console USB. I haven't confirmed that myself but tested this cable and it only provided charging.

If you know how to solder I would run the wire from aftermarket unit and resolder the USB port instead or look on AliExpress for factory replacement and mod it. I will probably mod it and run the wire straight.


URWOOW Dual USB3.0 Square Flush Mount - 2M 6ft USB 3.0 Extension Mount, Dash Mount, Flush Mount, Panel Mount Cable, for Car, Boat, Motorcycle (6 feet) - Black

Just did some quick search and this flush mount looks to be the closest dimension. You can try and replace it with this and run the USB wires over instead of soldering. :)
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