Anyone missing EA01-50-037? (Wheel Opening Molding Stone Deflector Retainer Clip)?

2018 CX-9 GT
I was cleaning my CX and noticed that the rear-wheel well molding in front of the rear tire was a little loose where the stone deflector attaches to the molding. Reaching down, I could move the stone deflector and it looked as though a trim retaining clip was missing. A little Googling and I found that these wheel opening molding plastic pieces are held in by a number of rivets and clips, the ones on attaching the plastic trim to the body are KD53-51-833 and EA01-50-037. Anyone else missing this little connecting rivet on their stone deflectors? Wasn't sure if this is how they all are or if both plastic connecting rivets have fallen out of both sides on my car. Thanks.

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