Anyone making weatherproof floor liners for the 2020 CX-9 with captain’s chairs?

From what I can tell, 2020 is the first year with the 2nd row captains chairs, but I can't find a floor liner that has adapted to cover all 3 rows plus the space between the captains chairs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Weathertech has the option to choose the 6 seater without console but it only comes with 1st and 2nd row mats, nothing for the third row, and nothing between the seats.
Isn’t the third row the same in the 2020 compared to previous years? If so, you should be able to use the 3rd row mats weather tech has. My understanding is that the second row could be different due to captains chairs but I’m not sure about the 3rd row.
Also, if the 3rd row is the same, I’d recommend going with the Mazda version. It comes with the little section on the outer edge to cover the carpet. The weather tech only covers the section where your feet sit.
The third row is the same, it's the second row that's different. There's an isle between the two seats, the cup holder extends out, and I haven't seen any floor liners address it.


Or maybe the third row isn't the same because these seats are different?
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The second row floor lineseems like it would be different as well because of the cup holders on the floor in the center. It seems like this take space over the center tunnel which means that a lot of 2nd row floor liner likely won’t work.

The third row seat liners is likely different as well because I would expect the 2nd row seats to have 4 rails equally spaced as opposed to the 60-40 spacing you see on the oem floor liner option above (but would need to confirm)

i see what you mean though you need something to cover the center pass through between the two 2nd row seats. If there are none on the market currently, you could get a cheap generic liner (either a 2nd row liner Or cargo space liner) and cut it to shape as an interim solution.
I purchased a set for my 2019. I purchased the 3D Maxspider. I have zero complaints as the fit and finish are outstanding. I purchased the 1st and 2nd row and finally the cargo. I did not buy the 3rd row as I doubt it will be used much.