Anyone have any photos of the CX9 with luggage in the trunk with the 3rd row down?

Wondering if anyone has any photos of the CX9 with luggage or suite cases in the back with the 3rd row down. Just wanting to see how much it could hold for future vacation trips.
2010 CX-9 GT AWD
I don't have picture for you but we (me, wife and 2 kids, 16 and 12) took a lot of road trips from WA to Vegas, Hollywood on our 2010 CX-9 without any problem with luggage. I even have 3 row up for my kids, so they have their own row.


Sorry don't have a pic with third row down, but here's a pic with our third row up. The storage deck lid and both side lids are removed to sink a medium size luggage case for added space. Traveled from Montreal to Boston with our family of five (2+2+1). Still had rear-view visibility when packing in a medium luggage, carry-on luggage, a duffel, a beach bag, and not shown are three backpacks for each kid stored in the third row for them to access during the trip. Coming from an F150 SuperCrew, cargo space was a concern and I was ready to add on a roof cargo box but thank goodness we are able to make do with no issues.

When I drop the third row down when needed, there is enough room than what*s perceived.

Hope this helps give an idea.
2017 CX-9 GT
Just came back from my road trip with 2 adults and 2 kids under two years old. With the third row down I was able to fit a full size luggage, a full size double stroller, and all sorts of totes and bags filled with misc baby stuff.

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