Anyone have a CX-7 with 200k miles?

2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
I bought my 07 cx7 used back in 2016 with 149k miles, had to change thermostat and a.c. comp twice. (First one had electrical failure covered by waranty) Now at 218k, and not really amy major issues. Replaced motor and transmission mounts recently, and ive heard from my mechanic that the driverside front bearings go out somewhat often on these. Replacing the hub fixed that issue for me. Other than an oil leak that im almost positive is in the turbo and 20 mpg, still running pretty strong.
Heck yeah! Glad to see one made it. We miss the CX-7. The Prius still hasn't had a single issue at 104k miles but it lacks the fun factor of the 2.3
i got a 2007 CX 7 with just over 72k miles. No engine issues but did go thru 3 AC compressors and my disc changer got jammed so have an aftermarket HU now. everything else stock besides K&N air filter.
Just switched to royal purple synthetic oil at 60k miles.
on 3rd set of tires but still have factory brake pads.
Did you ever fix that disc changer?
My wife and I own a 2010 turbo with no engine trouble after 70,000 miles. I am curious as to how long this car is going to last us. I am really hoping to get another five years out of it I was wondering if anyone here has a CX-7 with 200,000 miles on the original motor? We never miss major services and our religious about changing synthetic oil every 5000 miles
It’s been a while since you posted, but I have a 2010 with the 2.5. I am about to roll over 240k on mine. Headlights last about 6 months. 5 window regulators. OEM plugs at 205k, also did the valve cover gasket at the same time since that’s what I thought fouled the plug. It was actually the oil change place spilling oil on it, the gasket was fine. Changed the original pads and rotors at 194k. Sway bar end link last month. Heat still hot, air still cold except for a bad relay a few years ago. It was hit in the right front with 26 (yes 26, not 26k) on a test drive when new. It was hit in the left rear at 31k (suspension damage mainly, had about $50 in paint.) right after I bought it from the original dealer (I worked there, so I knew the car.) Hit a deer at about 175k, replaced both headlights (to match, only the right was damaged.) Was rear ended a month later by a minivan doing about 40. Totaled their van. Mine has a rather unnoticeable ding in the rear hatch and the bumper is a little loose if you pull on it .Other than a few imprints and very minor paint damage it’s pretty much ok. It’s probably the car I’ve disliked the most (I’m 6’6”) for comfort, but the damn thing is a tank. Less than $500 in repairs (not including headlight bulbs, tires, batteries etc) for a car that I’ve had for about 9 years is more than I could have ever hoped. I averaged 29 mpg on a recent 800 mile trip and usually get about 26 on my commute. I even have a running joke with the oil change place I always use because they’ve recommended a belt since it had 50k. Still the original belt. I told them I’m going to change it at 250k whether it needs it or not. Always Mobil 1 every 5k. I do all my own repairs and let them do the maintenance.