Any one look at this turbo kit


I don't know if you will be happy with the ball bearing turbos. Since the 7 is automatic, you need a smaller turbine housing for response. Either that or you will need a higher stall converter with the bigger turbo. Have you seen this K04/Garrett hybrid upgrade for the CX7?


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ok guys if you are going to get a turbo i would get the Borg warner s258 turbo as that is a fast spooling turbo and we made 409 hp with it on a speed3at 23 psi.

About the manual swap i have researched this for a minute as we have a customer with an AWD cx7 in our shop right now and along with us building his motor he is talking about us doing a manual swap. I have all the info that is needed to get this done i just need to figure out about the Ebrake and pedals and console for the manual. They made the Cx7 over seas in manual but i have not been able to get in contact with anyone over there to get info about is...

Still researching.... Also the Cx7 that we have has a 2871 on it right now. We just installed the motor this morning and we should have it up and running within a few days.. Once it is broken in (500 miles ) we will be tuning it to see what she has...