any MP3 owner in South Carolina

I was just wondering if there were any MP3 owners in South Carolina. Because I am moving from central FL and was looking for fellow MP3 owners to hang out with.


2003 RED AUDI A4
I am sure us in North Carolina could hook up with you some time just let us now when your all settled.
MP3Babe, maybe we can meet up in Janurary when i get settled in. I am going to be living on U.S.Hwy 1 about 25 miles north of Aiken and 5 south of Batesburg-Leesville, in a small town called Monetta. Have you heard of it? Its about 50 miles West of Orangeburg.

Also i know that there are more MP3 owners in SC because i seen 3 different mp3s with SC tags. I past them on interstate 26 when i was coming home.
Hey,Yeah I think I know where you are talking about..Hmm that is weird,I havent saw any other MP3's in SC..Ive been to a couple big car shows.and I was the only one there...going to one Sunday maybe there will be one..Bye