Any car meets coming up in Japan (9/2-9/14)


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It's been a while. I've been looking for a meet in Tokyo/Osaka between 9/2-9/14 but as far as I can tell, for the Daikoku and Tatsumi PA you need to know somebody (who knows somebody) local because late night meets are very impromptu and are organized by an inner circle via social media. Plus I won't have a car and they're not easily accessible by public transportation. R's Meeting is happening 9/14 at Fuji International Speedway which is 2 hours away from Tokyo by train, so that's a possibility. Daikanyama T-Site Morning Cruise is the 2nd Sunday of the month, but so far my itinerary has me traveling that day. Visiting a shop like RE Amemiya is likely not be in the cards as Chiba isn't really on the itinerary and I'm not fluent in Japanese.

Does anybody know any other meets/cars & coffee/etc. happening and how to find them? I may have to come back another time by myself to do a self guided "JDM" tour.

On a side note, I'm also planning to visit the Mazda Museum in Hiroshima. Should be fun. Any suggestions are welcome.(bowdown)
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