anouther ipod question


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another ipod question

i just got the AUDIO LINK iPod Integration Module for my 06 MS6. when i pluged it into the back of my headunit it charges the ipod but when i push the media buttion nothing happends. i cant get anything to happen no matter what button i push. the ipod only charges. what am i doing wrong?
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Mine works just by cycling through the media button, it gets picked up by the head unit automatically. Mine does usually throw an error...the text has a 5505 on it and it doesn't play in the "playlist" mode. In that case, you can just hit the up or down arrows for the CD player (1 or 2 on the head unit) and it will return to playing directly off the player controls. I just have my iPod set to shuffle, so that works perfectly fine for me.

If that doesn't help, then check that you have everything plugged in properly, and that you're following the directions. There is some mention of needing to solder your head unit motherboard in some cases, so it's possible that you're running into that. We need a few more details, like which head unit you have and what iPod you're plugging in, to help you out more. Good luck.

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