alternative rims and tires

CX9 2017
first of all, to say tht my cx9 came with the bredgestone duelers and I got to say that these tires suck, at first I thought they were ok but when I drove a cx9 with the falkens ( same size ) I realized how much the bridgestones sucked, handling is so good in the cx9 that one doesn't notice until u change the tires how much you are missing ..
so now I am with the aim of changing the tires asap although I think Id have other options in mind
so here is the alternatives I have in my country :

Pirelli p zero scorpion
Pirelli scorpion verde
continental dsw06
good year f1 assymetric 3

also I am thinking about changing the wheels although I would like to go to 22 I think itll spoil the comfort side of the vehicle specially when travelling so ill stay with 20's . but id like to widen the wheels to fit 285/45/20s and perhaps the rims should be +30 offset instead of +45 which I understand is the original.

any comments about the tires and wheels?