Aftermarket roof rack options?

Hi, I have a 2019 CX 5. I wondering if anyone has had any luck with after market roof racks. I had lots of conversation with who carry lots of well priced stuff but they tell me there is a difference between the North American CX5 and the Euro model. Anybody with thoughts or info?


2020 CX-5 Signature Azul Metalico
I purchased roof rails at my Mazda dealer in Colombia. They were pricy but installation was perfect. I already had cheapo crossbars from Amazon that will attach to them. The Mazda rails come with threaded mounting holes for their crossbars but I only need crossbars once in a while. I wish there were rubber plugs for those for the mounting holes.
I got a set of Thule Wingbar EVO crossbars. Works great on a naked roof, then can also go on rails if you decide to get those later, and can likely go on the next car you get
SUCCESS! In spite of the fact that the Mick's Garage support people insisted that this rack wouldn't fit my Canadian 2019 CX5 the Nordrive factory techs (and others) assured me that it WOULD fit and that there was no difference in the CAN vs. the EURO version of the vehicle, They are right. So I went ahead and got the Nordrive quality rack for C$260 to the door with all delivery and taxes in 6 days. The THULE equivalent (without locks) would have have cost just under Can$800. and was on back order until Jan 2021 at least.
The Nordrive racks are of the same quality (maybe better) as the Thule. The first installation takes about 20 minutes. The installation tool actually stays securely on the rack. It is fully compatible with all accessories.
I'm not sure why the seemingly knowledgeable support guys at Micks were so insistent that it would not fit. I told them about my success and they never responded? I suspect there are trade and import issues? Here's the link: