Advice regarding i-Stop problem

Hi everyone, just wanted to post important feedback regarding i stop. If you are having problems with your i stop and the reset procedure didn't work for you, please also check the bonnet switch and make sure it has not become internally sticky.

The switch is a lever switch mounted on the bonnet release mechanism. To remove switch unscrew using a Philips screwdriver. You will need to angle the screwdriver slightly as the slam panel is in it's way. Then remove it away from the mechanism and give it a good clean with wd40 and wipe it over with microfiber towel cloth. Do not pull on the wires, just clean it and press the lever to free it. Then reinstall, close the bonnet and go for a test drive.

If the switch is worn out, it will prevent the i stop from functioning. Also it will not throw up a code.

I just wanted to share this post and hope its helpful.