Advanced keyless pains

This might be my first post but I'm scratching my head over the keyless system in the car. Also kinda long cuz I've been searching everywhere.

So I have the keyless entry and ignition doesn't work.
I have no codes(solid key light) in the car. When I bought the car in 2019 the system worked for a bit. The key stopped working not that long after that but my car also blew up in 2020.

I've finally got the car up and running again so right now trying to diagnose the issue from years ago.

To get anyone up to speed I've been using my dmm/forscan to test and try as much as I can.

With forscan you can scan for dealer/Mazda codes(bxxxx/uxxxx)
I had none of them in the modules.

I pulled an antenna off and it set a code off and then replaced it and the code went away.
Batteries replaced in my fob.ive tried replacing the trunk antenna with the latest revision.

I currently only have 1 fob tried a few used ones and they didn't work even though same fcc I'd. I'm currently waiting on another brand new fob (GPYA-67-5RYC) to come in and test that. If the key fob is programmable I might get rid of all the ones in the system and redo it.

I tried the door/trunk switches. Forscan sees when I press them. Also it sees when any door, trunk, and hood is open and closed. So all working on that end.

Anyone have any tips or tricks that might help?

Does anyone know what the values for voltage/ohms going to the antennas are?

also I did get a b1311 and b2574 code and does anyone have a diagram or picture where the bcm is for this car.