Adding aftermarket rear LED tail lights to 2016.5 CX5 Touring without tech - Question


CX-5 Touring 2016.5
As the title says - I was not going to modify my car at all, but now am about to think seriously about these things (hi) :

1. Front DRL LED - Eyebrow style (love it over the yellow DRLs that come with touring)(2thumbs)
2. LED Door sills. About 50-100 USD ones and not 200+ OEM ones. (guitar)
3. Rear LED Tail Lights - never been fan of Touring turn signals. Pretty much blanked out by Texas (sun).

So 3 would be a good starting point and based on how comfortable I am will move to 2 or 1. Also looking for suggestions at CX5 aftermarket light options. eBay USA has limited, UK has some good OEM stuff cheaper than Hong Kong, Australia like $230 DRLs ... Never tried Amazon Japan.

My Q's for folks who have already done this:
1. Do I need to do anything specific after connecting the battery back? TPMS sensors etc. Or is it just disconnect, connect new lights, test them and fix them in and connect battery boom ?

2. Should I seal the lights before putting them in? Options that you suggest.

3. My steps are : Disconnect battery
Open rear access patch / door - unplug, unscrew current tail lights.
Add new ones, connect battery - test all functions - hazards, reverse etc etc.
After successful test mount the resistor on some metallic surface.
Am I missing some steps? Do I have to reseal it after the seal is broken when removing the larger tail light?

Thanks, hoping to turn this into howto after successful install. Its my DD so will work on it during 3 day weekend (breakn) jejejeje!