A few questions for all my 2013 CX-9 owners

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I have searched this forum to no avail and am hoping someone knowledgeable here can assist me. I have three issues concerning me.

1) I performed a wheel alignment recently because as Im driving at a certain speed, my steering wheel is always forcing itself and pulls the car towards the left. I also rotated my tires if that makes a difference. Still happens. Not sure what to look for.

2) Also, while turning left and hitting a few bumps or potholes the impact is more of a clank than any other normal noise you would expect from hitting a bump. Only happens when I turn left. Turning right, I haven't heard or felt anything out of the ordinary.


3) When I am on the highway driving at higher speeds, again, when cruising along at 60+ MPH on left curves, the car doesn't seem as stable as it should be considering this car has very little body roll when I had it new. I drive feeling like I will lose control for some strange reason.

So with all of that, what should I look for? Thank you in advance for any help that can be given to me. I would hate to give this car up as other than the issues above, love the car.
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Did the shop that performed the alignment have any trouble getting the numbers into spec? Are they still in spec?

It could be any number of things: worn bushing, bad cv joint, etc.
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I believe jal142 was referring to, did they have any problems getting the car to specs, due to worn parts. Being a dealer, I would wager that if they saw a spot of dirt in the wrong spot they would advise you of the $1000 dollar repair cost. LOL

With that being said, check the front end; ball joints, control arm, cv shafts etc. Something sounds worn out.
Given that it happens when the weight shifts during turns it 'could' be the wheel bearing. Usually the one that's going is the one opposite to the direction you are turning, guessing right front in your case.

Also, that would not necessarily show up during an alignment as it's not really part of the adjustable suspension parts.
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On some models the alignment specs are ridiculously broad. Merely in-spec can be a terrible alignment. Mr. Fan, if you have the paperwork from that job, does it show the before and after readings? If so, let us know what they were. Never assume that a good job was done just because you paid more at a dealership.

Under the heading that the person paying for the job is often right, always demand that the alignment be set at the center of the spec, not just within the specs. Get that written on the work order as well as the requirement that you be given the before and after readings. If it isn't at least very close to the center, tell them to do it again before you pay.

The other things you mention sound like worn out suspension parts. How many miles on the car? I'd have any good alignment shop check for worn parts...which should have been part of the alignment you already paid for.
Sounds like it could be a worn out shock to me, based on the sound and lack of control feeling. But like other said above it could a wide range of suspension components less severe than a blown shock. Any good mechanic shop should be able to inspect your suspension and diagnose and repair the issue. Suspension components are normal wear and tear.