626 intake benefits


2002 Mazda pro5
There is a few threads on this topic that I've read and I'm wondering if the gains are worth the swap for my pro5 n/a build. I have a header, cai, full exhaust, recently picked up a mp3 ecu. I will be doing the 1.8 plug wire swap as I picked up a 626 valve cover tonight. The guy I got the vc from is pretty much giving the 626 intake away. I will be removing my intake manifold to remove VTCS so I thought maybe if the 626 intake manifold is worth it I'd swap while it's apart! Info and feed will be very appreciated!

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03 Protege5

I personally never dyno'd but I did notice a slight difference after 4500 RPM with the 626 IM. It's not much, but the car definitely pulls harder. However, I do believe that performance wise, porting the stock manifold would probably get you in the same area as the 626.

But one other advantage the 626 has over the stock, which has actually been a blessing me multiple times, is that is frees up soooo much space. I can easily reach the oil filter, oil feed line, EGR line, EGR valve, and pretty much anything on the back of the block or under the manifold without having to get under the car. It's pretty nice to have easy access back there.



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^^This. I think captainkrm did post an n/a dyno that showed gains over stock. I have to see if I have it on my old computer. We really need a dyno from a car with vtcs removed and a port match. The lip for vtcs is a definite restriction


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