3rd Row Latch

2016 Mazda CX-9
Does anyone have the repair manual for the 3rd row latch on the 2016 CX-9? The latch on top of the 2nd row that gives me access to the 3rd row stopped working. The latch is very loose and every time I pull it, it doesn’t bring the 2nd row forward to allow access to the 3rd row. I tried to take it to my dealership but they want to charge me $300 just to diagnose the problem.
2016 CX-9 GT
It’s like the brake lines on a bike; they are generally a wire with a bead on them that pulls a lever or latch. If that bead comes off, they don’t pull anymore. I have the majority of the repair manuals on my desktop. Send me a DM tomorrow if you haven’t found the bead end of the wire