2024 Mazda CX-90 Turn-Across Traffic Collision Avoidance Freaked Out


My wife turned on left turn signal merging into a left turning lane and the CX-90 went into some sort of a panic mode and almost did a full emergency braking. Looked at the dash cam footage and I suspect the car's safety system "Turn-Across Traffic Collision Avoidance" was most likely the reason.

TurnAcross Traffic Collision Avoidance.jpg
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We left it on for now, but set the Alert Timing from "Normal" to "Late" and see if it'll make any difference.

When I first got my CX-9, I was getting a ton of early warnings and interventions from the various safety systems. I set them all to "Late" or "Near" and it made everything so much better. Hope the same works for your 90!