2022 Mazda3 Rear Window Ticking/Clicking

Hi All,

I've tried researching this, but I'm not able to find anything exactly like it. The Mazda dealership also hasn't encountered it before. Or maybe I'm just not using the correct keywords to describe the problem.

Recently bough a 2022 Mazda 3 FWD Carbon Edition and I'm hearing this ticking sound coming from the rear window (rear windshield?.. the big one with the defrosters). I've made the Mazda dealership aware, but if I don't have to make the 30 mile drive out there (was the only dealership selling at msrp) and spare myself the "we didn't find anything" response by fixing it myself that would obviously be preferred. It starts about a minute into driving if from a cold start, instantly if I've only had it parked while I'm shopping or something. Doesn't matter if the road is flat or bumpy, it's still there. It's more constant when on an expressway.

I've attached the sound file for it. There's road noise, but you should still be able to clearly hear it in the background. It's maddening. The car is absolutely amazing, but it's hard to enjoy with this constant soul stabbing ticking and you can only blast music so loud for so long before it gives you a headache.

Yesterday I had someone drive for me while I was in the back, half in the trunk and half on the folded down seats and from what I can tell it's coming from the rear window. The space there is pretty narrow and my head is bald and massive so I wasn't able to fully get my ear back in there, but it seems like the window. MAYBE it's from the C pillars and bouncing off the window? But to have the same sound on both C pillars seems a bit rare and I don't hear it when strictly focusing on the C pillars themselves as the sound still seems like it's coming from... beyond them, if that makes any sense. I guess either window or somewhere on the sides of the rear speaker assembly area.

The absolutely annoying thing about this is that I am not able to replicate it when the car is stopped. When it's moving I have not been able to find a place where if I apply pressure the noise stops.

What I've checked before taking the ride yesterday:
- Seatbelts - had them fully pulled out, wiggled them around, etc - nothing.
- Seats themselves - had the folded down - sound still present.
- Weather stripping on the rear doors - removed it, sound still present.
- Removing the styrofoam around the spare didn't help.
- Tried padding around the plastic panels in the trunk area a bit, but that did nothing.
- Checked every panel I could in the trunk while the car was moving and parked, but not able to replicate the same sound.
- Cant replicate the sound by applying pressure to the rear window when parked.

Any help is appreciated!


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It sounds like it could be a loose wire, or even a loose screw/fastener. But this is the first I've heard of this particular issue.
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I wonder if the rear window will need to be resealed. That would definitely be a dealership task. Do you have a mechanic's stethoscope? That may help narrow down where the noise is emanating from but if it's the window itself, it may need to be removed and resealed.
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