2020 Mazda6 Pedestrian and parking sensor issue

Hello everyone,

I'm write from France and i'm not realy good in english so excuse me if i'm not explicit.

I'm the owner of a mazda 6 Takumi (full option in europe) 2.2 diesel 184cv, machine gray with 71k milles.

Last 3 months, flashing fault light of active bonnet is on and two front park sensors are in fault too in a same time (no shocks before).

Faults read are the 6 sensors of pedestrian in fault and front park sensors right inside and right outside on fault.

I'm sure that the issue is a problem on a wiring or just a connector badly fitted. I can troubleshooting but i need wiring electical diagram to test and chek the system.

If any of you can help me by sharing these documents that would be wonderful.

Thank you
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I had a similar issue with the 2019 CX9, this may sound silly but what fixed mine was my brake fluid was too low amd needed to be topped up, took a year checking everything else before I accidently found that.

J'ai eu un problème similaire avec le CX9 2019, cela peut sembler idiot, mais ce qui a réparé le mien était que mon liquide de frein était trop bas et qu'il fallait faire le plein, il a fallu un an pour vérifier tout le reste avant de le trouver accidentellement.
Hello everyone

Some news on my issues. New problem😡... level sensor of washer tank also doesn't work. I'm sure that the issues are due to a badly connector because everything concentrates on the front right.

Somebody confirm that a connector brings together all these little people.

Thanks for your help

Kind regards

Some news, I finally found the issue. Connector wet and connection rusty.


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I have exactly the same problem / sympthoms - bonnet and parking sensor indicator goes off. Where exactly is this connector located. I'm not able to find it based on the pictures

Thank you

The connector is behind the front bumper. It's necessary to remove it (easy job). The connector will be on the left when the bumper will be off.
Thank you,

Same problem here after the bumper removal...the connectors were corroded...even some pins are broken off...I will have to replace the connectors...but you saved me a lot of time looking for the issue.

I suspect this is probably a common problem.

Thanks again


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Hi. This is great information. I have the same problem (2018 Mazda 6). I had found a TSB covering this issue, but for a CX-5 (TSB15-002/22), and there is a replacement wiring cord documented. But I had found nothing for the Mazda 6. Is it an easy job to replace the connector? Thanks