2020 CX-9 Touring Wheel Upgrade Question

2020 CX-9 Touring
Hi all,

I am a new 2020 CX9 Touring owner living in Sydney Australia. I want to upgrade my 18 inch wheels to 20 inch stock ones.

Searching OEM parts online, the relative cheap one (368USD) I find is from this store: https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/mazda-wheel-disc-aluminum-9965148500
Plus their shipping fee to Australia is 126USD per wheel (and 367USD for 4wheels), which is the cheapest ship fee I could find.
(I do find another one charges 355USD for wheel, but over 200USD for the shipment.)

I get a number of questions as this is my first upgrading wheels.

Firstly: Is there anyone familiar with this online store (https://www.tascaparts.com)? Are they selling the real genuine parts?

Secondly: Does anyone know better offer for the wheels from 2020 CX9 GT/Signature/Azami?

Thirdly: How much should I expect for selling my current 18 inch original wheels(part: 9965368080) with original tyres, which runs only 2000km?

Fourthly: I reckon I can reuse the centre cap. Besides wheels/rims and tyres, what else should I buy to make it working on my car? Do I need to buy new Valve Stem (9963604140) as I will sell my existing wheels? Do the sensors in Valve Stem need pairing to the Car, if using new ones?

Last, any CX9 GT/Azami owners, who prefer soft driving, are more than welcome to contact me to swap. I would like to pay the gap.
Or, if you are CX9 GT/Signature/Azami owners and have upgraded to bigger/cooler wheels, and want to sell your original 20 inch stock wheels, welcome to contact me!



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Personally I would not recommend the OEM 20s, especially at those quoted prices. They are a nice style, but they are very heavy (39.55 lbs per wheel), and some of them have issues with the paint flaking off. If you really want them, I would contact your local dealers and ask them to keep an eye out for customers who buy the optional wheels and want to sell the factory take-off 20s, or customers who want to "downgrade" to the 18s.

Otherwise, I would visit a local wheel and tire shop and buy some 20" alloys and tires from them instead. They will likely be lighter than the OEM wheels, and will cost less overall.

As far as TPMS sensors, if you buy OEM 20s they will likely have sensors pre-installed, so you should be able to swap without any issues (no reprogramming necessary, unless you have a "TPMS Reset" button on your dashboard). If you buy aftermarket wheels, you would need to also purchase and install aftermarket TPMS sensors and have them programmed for the CX-9 before the tires are installed.