2020 CX-5 With Bose Subwoofer Install

I want to add a subwoofer to this car but I want to tap into the wires before the Bose Amp. Does anyone know the colors or wiring diagram on what wires are what before the Bose Amp? I have heard that tapping into the wires after the Bose Amp like the door speakers is not the best way to go as the signal is being processed by the Bose Amp.

@Jpaetz Have a quick look at this in the cx5 forums it will help you and you can use the plugs as shown as plug and play on input side of amp to save having to splice into factory wiring I believe - just check input wiring same as shown in diagrams - Phil
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Ps - to some degree there will be some bass roll off even wiring in before Bose amp ( cuts around 45hz approx from head unit) I am afraid the only way around this is either use a DSP or drastically change head unit !!) I opted to fit an Helix DSP and set up via their software supplied. Just depends how low you want your bass - 30 - 35hz this probably the options available - there are loads of discussions on the forums per the use of DSP,s and there is also a video review of the Helix DSP on YouTube
My DSP has been used to trim my rear door speakers , tweeters and sub and really opens up the possibilities of trimming to your own taste as well as the adjustability of the sound stage ( vital for centre stage when sitting in driver position - wifey doesn’t get a look or hear in haha

Cheers Phil UK 🇬🇧
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