2020 CX-5 Creaking noise

Just bought a used 2020 GT CX5 from a great dealer a couple months ago. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a knocking/ grinding sound getting louder from what seems to be the front passenger side of the car when at low speeds. Worse when turning left. I’ve seen others with similar problems that have attached audio so I’ll attach mine. I have an appointment with a dealership but don’t want them to say “it’s normal” when it absolutely is not and it’s becoming increasingly louder. Id love to point them in the right direction if anyone has any suggestions!


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I think the first approach is to have someone else in the driver seat and you go listen outside. Also try sit in the passenger seat.

To me, it sounds like a knocking noise where something is loose.
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Could be your CV joint.If the boot gets torn or somehow opens dirt will get in and cause a grinding noise especially while turning.
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My guess is on suspension also. (CV joint is one of the possibility)
If it was engine mount, you can see the engine moves abnormally when you rev the engine w/ vehicle stationary (i.e gear in "N" or "P")

A mechanic can raise your vehicle and check suspension links one by one to identify the faulty one.
(the one will bigger play)
Suspension issue will not go away. It only gets worse over time.

Good luck.

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