2020 CX-5 2.5L T Questions

Good Day,
I remove the bottom plastic splash cover under my CX-5 with only 10k miles and noticed this small black plastic cover that was slightly wet with fluid. I removed the small black plastic cover that's clipped on and looked inside the opening and I could see the flywheel. Does this black plastic cover serve a purpose?
And is it normal for this area to have a small amount of fluid?
I found the transmission fluid dip stick by removing the air box. Do I need to have the car warmed up and running while I check the trans. fluid with the top portion of the air box installed?
See attached pics


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Thank you for replying to my post.
So I guess I need to leave the top portion of the air filter box connected including the MAF sensor harness while the engine is idling, correct?
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Yes pretty much.
Also its good the maf to always be connected otherwise it may trigger temp errors in the computer.
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