2019 Mazda3 Hatchback: Any issues or regrets?

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I have my eye on a used 2019 hatchback with the Preferred trim level, soul red. 24k miles. FWD. I haven't driven it yet, but are there any common issues I should be aware of? Anything you regret about it now or wish you would've purchased something else?
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I would suggest putting some feelers out on other forums and social media groups if you haven't already. Just to cover a wider base (y)


@arock712 First of all, I would search our Mazda3 Forum if you haven't already...Second, I would identify what parts are shared with other Mazdas and then search those Forums of ours (CX-30, CX-5 etc) as well for possible issues with those parts.

Also looking below to the "Similar threads" section I see the following threads which may be helpful...

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Hope that helps! :)
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According to Consumer Reports, the only Mazda 3 from 2014 to 2021 that is rated much worse than average for reliability is the 2019. You'd be better off with a 2018, which is rated much better than average, overall. In fact, the years that are rated much better than average are:
The 2020 is rated average.
Keep in mind that some of the earlier ones allow more road noise to filter into the cabin. I think Mazda started to add more sound insulation in 2018 but I am not certain.
I have a 2017 GT Hatch. Purchased new and hardly driven due to not going anyplace during COVID. It has a little over 23,000 miles with the battery going bad and the belt tensioner leaking oil and needing replacement. It is a noisy car, but it's my 2nd one, and i got what I wanted with the heated leather seats, leather steering wheel and it's red!