2019 CX-5 Signature Questions

Hi guys, just got the 2019 Signature Cx-5 couple days ago and there are a few features I don't understand. Firstly, it seems that there is no way to turn off radio completely, just mute it, is that correct? Secondly, it seems I cannot turn off air circulation / or venting (as in, I can pick one OR the other, but cannot turn them off completely, even after using the small power On/Off button, is that normal?). Lastly, it seems that there is no remote start on it, even at the highest trim level, unless I am wrong? Otherwise enjoying the vehicle a lot. Thanks for your help. FYI I am in Ontario, Canada if that makes any difference (maybe US models have slight variations I am unaware of).
2019 CX-5 Signature
-Not sure I understand the question
-No remote start standard

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2019 CX-5 Signature
If you’re using the HVAC it has to be in recirculating or outside air mode. That makes sense. If you want neither you need to turn off the system.

No remote start. No one will ever recommend any of the Mazda OEM ones. As you are in Canada, I would highly recommend the Fortin remote start units (I recommend them in the US as well and I’m enjoying mine!). Great system and uses OEM key fob.


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2019 CX5 Sig
Even with the HVAC/climate control turned "off", there will always be just a little bit of fresh air coming in to the cabin. It's a regulatory requirement. I installed a Compustar remote start with Drone Mobile and couldn't be happier. I had Mazda Mobile Start in a previous car and it was absolutely horrible.