2018 cx5 and pandora on Samsung galaxy note 8


2018 Mazda cx-5
Hello everyone

I purchased a 2018 cx5 touring back in July and havent had any major issues with it, except for pandora and aha. When I first got the car I could launch pandora from the radio fine. Lately when I try launching it it tells me to make sure that the pandora app is loaded on my phone. I can open the pandora app, go into settings > advanced > uncheck then check the launch from car checkbox then I can launch pandora again from the cx5 radio. This get to be annoying. I have deleted my phone from the Bluetooth devices in the car and re-added it with same results. Has anyone else had this issue and were they able to correct it? Thanks in advance


San Dimas CA
2014 CX-5 Touring
I have a Kenwood unit and Note 8. Since I have updated to Oreo, the Pandora app doesn't even load up anymore. I blame Oreo for this, maybe in the Mazda radio is the same issue.


MAZDA CX-5 2018 GT
I got the exact same issue with my Note 8. Okay when I first bought the car in July but now I get the same error message when launching Pandora from the infotainment screen.


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Pandora is historically very glitchy and usually Pandora's fault with a bad update.

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