2017 CX-3 creaking / groaning sound from front suspension (video)...Any suggestions?

Hi all, enjoying my new 2017 Mazda CX-3 I got from Carvana but I have a nagging concern I’m hoping you guys can help with. The car creaks and groans a lot when parking or turning the wheel sharply at low speeds. It can also happen when I brake. I took it to a local mechanic yesterday and he thinks it’s the weight shifting onto the bushings and that there’s nothing wrong with it that he can tell.. and that a Mazda dealer would be the next step.


Does it sound like my mechanic got it right? Have any of you experienced this noise in your Mazda? If so, are there any things I can do myself, like spray WD-40 on the bushings, etc.?

Thanks so much for your help!
Mazda CX3
I had that problem with my 2018 CX-3, I got the two front shock absorbers changed under warranty, only to have the same noise appear again. Turns out it was due to the brake calipers being loose. A simple fix by having them tighten up. Go figure!