2016 Mazda3 won't start, help

Disconnected and reconnected battery. Dash lights up, car won't click or turn over.

Push button start, auto Trans, 2.0L

Any ideas?
Could be low battery. Have someone test the volts. If you have FOB, check the light on it and make sure it blinks when you click the alarm button - just to make sure the FOB is good. Try your second FOB if you have it. My 2017 manual says to also put the end of the FOB up to the start button and then press the start button. But I've got unrelated problem right now I'm probing. Mine won't even flicker, light up, click or anything. It is completely dead. Fuses look good. I'm guessing it's my 3 month old Interstate battery.

For a 2016, I doubt starter or alternator but you never know.
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