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Hey guys,

This weekend the CX-9 started leaking and burning coolant. I took a look at the engine bay and I couldn’t find a leak around the any of the hoses. However, it seems to be leaking from the firewall side. I’ve made an appointment with the dealer, for this coming Saturday. I’ve been reading through the forum and this seems to be a problem, that is affecting the 2016 model years.

I’ll update as I learn more.

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Hey guys,

So I dropped off the CX9 today and this is a known issue (2016 model years). The service assistant confirmed this, even before I took in the car. Once the car was inspected, they determined a new engine would be required. However, they are in back order and I’ll get more information on Monday. I’ll try to get photos of the engine and more details if possible.

I think my build date is March or April 2016.
Hello there- I have the 2016 CX9 sport and just notice the coolant leak issue as well. Took it to my local mechanic and he think the "coolant plug" on the rear side of the engine is bad. While i got the call that the repair from my local mechanic fix would cost $800+ , i ran into this forum. I called local Mazda dealership told them the problem and mentioned there is the TSB for it, they just told me that i am that SOL who doesn't have any powertrain warranty left and i am on my own for this. With no choice , i have to call back my local mechanic to proceed with the fix since i need my cx9 back and not sure if they are the same problem since they describe this is a plug issue.- these guys are good so far, so i trust what they found.
Meanwhile i email MAZDA corp to see if there is a second way out here. Waiting an email back from them
Question for the crowd here , need a suggestion for the MAZDA dealership that honors the repair in SoCAL, preferable in San Bernardino county. Please let me know if you know one ! Thanks !
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The plug is definitely a possibility tho unlikely. I would either hold off on the repair or ask the mechanic to verify the leak (perhaps thru uv dye).

Also, it's not up to the dealership to honor the warranty but the manufacturer. What's your mileage? Try a different dealership to see if they're willing to make a case on your behalf to Mazda. Offer to pay a deductible as a kind gesture.
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I have printed out the TSB and planning to drop by my mechanic to have him take a look. I already told him, there is already a number of people reporting the problem describe here, i don't want him to dive into a wrong direction at the get go; meanwhile i do not plan to play a keyboard warrior who is trying to outsmart my mechanic.

I have 65k miles on my CX9

Planning to visit another dealership . My service rep in local dealership already giving me the SOL signal . So asking the group here for a dealership suggestion so i do not drive 100 miles to the wrong dealer ship here

Thanks ! @Silly Wabbit
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