2016 CX-9. Can the AC keep up with very hot weather like 100 degrees and sunny?



I think the new CX-9 checks off all the boxes on my shopping list outside of AC issues that numerous reviewers have mentioned and a possibly over eager autonomous braking feature (I see somebody just posted on that yesterday so won't repeat the question here).

Regarding the AC, I've seen at least 3 reviewers mentioning the AC was performing so poorly in only moderately warm weather that they all thought their units were broken. It's kind of hard to believe that Mazda would send out press cars with non functioning AC on 3 or more occassions. Can 2016 owners from 90 degree+ and sunny areas like TX, LA, GA, FL... chime in on how there AC has handled this summer? Has the AC performance ever been unacceptable like when temps crept up into the 100's? Nice trim, nice cushions, nice design are all great luxuries, but the best luxury hands down in a hot state is cold AC.
I live in Naples, FL and have no complaints with the AC performance. I'll have the fan on high for 5=10 minutes then I'll turn it down as I'm comfortable. I've had the car for a month and we are in the middle of our summer.
Short answer is YES.

I too live in ATX and was one who first complained of AC performance.
After living with the vehicle for over two months, I can confirm that it cools just fine.

High initial fan speeds give the impression that it's struggling more than it is, but it DOES cool quickly with one exception.
Like every other vehicle I've owned, if you get in the CX-9 after a heat soak and idle in traffic; cooling takes a while.

Disclaimer: I've had all windows (including the sunroof) tinted to the maximum allowed by law and had the IR/UV blocking film installed on the windshield.
I also use the sun shield in the windshield when parked in the sun.
The preceeding definitely reduces heat build-up when parked in the sun and thus enhances AC performance.
I make trips to Sacramento ca where it was over 100 the last few times I was there. The ac works fine. I believe that the vents are strangely placed and a bit small. This causes the noise and for me, a little irritation where the air blows. (Not high enough for my liking, but I am 6'3')
It's a large car and takes longer than a smaller car, but once the car is cooled off, the ac works quite well.
All this complaining about the ac seems silly--mostly from people test driving the car I think. I wasn't impressed with the ac at first. But in real life it works the same as any other car I've had and better than my Mazda 2010 CX-7 or 2004 Mazda 3.
Has the AC performance ever been unacceptable like when temps crept up into the 100's?

The AC is not a problem in 100+ weather.

Although I initially posted a concern, in reality it is not an issue. The AC blows 40F air. When I initially bought the car, I parked far away from everyone else -- that meant parking in broad sunlight in 100 degrees for 8 hours. Under those conditions, any car's interior can reach 130-170F (http://heatkills.org/how-hot/). Even under those extreme conditions, the car will cool down in 10-15 minutes. If you park more sanely in the shade at 100F, the car will cool down in 5 minutes. I find that the AC can have a mind of its own after start-up -- at times, the car will be comfortable, yet the AC will still be blowing and I have to turn the thermostat to 78 to get it to stop blowing. My theory is that the interior temperature sensor still thinks the car is hot. If you look at the picts below from the manual, you see that one of the sensors is down by your knee. I suspect that the whole dash area (which is black) soaks up the heat and the sensor may be reading a 'false-high' temperature which triggers the AC to keep blowing. After the car cools down, the temperature regulation in the car is fine and honors whatever temperature you set. Again, for me, the AC works fine and is not an issue. BTW, I did not tint my windows (yet).
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I guess tinted windows will help a lot in extreme heat conditions , some tint makers claim 20F interior temp reduction...