2016 CX-5 Touring FWD EPB Rear Caliper Piston Actuator

I replaced the seals in my left rear caliper. I removed the Electric Parking Brake Motor/Actuator so I could gain easy access to removing the piston. When I removed the piston boot a small piece of wire fell out. the piece of wire looks kind of like a circular snap ring. I could not see where it broke off, or fell out of. My Parking Brake worked then, and its working now; however, I am afraid to utilize it. Does anyone know where to get the part that goes into the piston that the brake motor/actuator drives? The part has to be aligned, and the piston slides over it. Its the part the EPB motor drives internal of the piston.

In the picture the two way arrow shows where the part aligns inside the piston to caliper; however, the part isn't shown. Does it come with a piston if I order just a piston? If not, where can I find this Rear Drivers side EPB part for a Mazda 2016 CX-5 Grand Touring FWD? Many thanks!


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I’ve seen the same thing happened to the other member when he tried to disassemble the rear disk caliper. But he never responded what he did afterwards.

Honestly you should just get 2 revised rear disk calipers from Mazda as there’s no new aftermarket calipers available for 2016 CX-5. The factory rear calipers are flawed based on the TSB R052/16C which caused many brake dragging issues and even a total lock up.

EPB Caliper Question
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